Bruce A. Williams

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The present study investigated whether the assumptions of an ideal point response process, similar in spirit to Thurstone's work in the context of attitude measurement, can provide viable alternatives to the traditionally used dominance assumptions for personality item calibration and scoring. Item response theory methods were used to compare the fit of 2(More)
This study examined how well current software implementations of four polytomous item response theory models fit several multiple-choice tests. The models were Bock’s (1972) nominal model, Samejima’s (1979) multiple-choice Model C, Thissen & Steinberg’s (1984) multiple-choice model, and Levine’s (1993) maximum-likelihood formula scoring model. The(More)
In this study, the authors examined the item response process underlying 3 vocational interest inventories: the Occupational Preference Inventory (C.-P. Deng, P. I. Armstrong, & J. Rounds, 2007), the Interest Profiler (J. Rounds, T. Smith, L. Hubert, P. Lewis, & D. Rivkin, 1999; J. Rounds, C. M. Walker, et al., 1999), and the Interest Finder (J. E. Wall &(More)
In July 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of thalidomide for the treatment of cutaneous manifestations of erythema nodosum leprosum. To ensure that fetal exposure to this teratogenic agent does not occur, the manufacturer has instituted a comprehensive program to control prescribing, dispensing, and use of the drug. This(More)
Most batch pharmaceutical fermentations have successive phases of operation. Detection of process phase landmarks is important for improving the performance of process monitoring and control. This study considers techniques for adjustment of batch data lengths to match landmarks of phases during the progress of the batch. Time synchronization and landmark(More)
This article argues that by providing virtually unlimited sources of political information, the new media environment undermines the idea that there are discrete gates through which political information passes: If there are no gates, there can be no gatekeepers. The difficulty of elites (political and media both) and academics in understanding the Lewinsky(More)
Book description: Research in Micropolitics published original essays on a variety of substantive, conceptual and methodological issues of relevance to political psychology, with particular emphasis on promising new areas of theory and research. Disciplines Communication | Political Science | Politics and Social Change | Psychology This book chapter is(More)
Understanding post-launch demand for new vaccines can help countries maximize the benefits of immunization programmes. In particular, low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) should ensure adequate resource planning with regards to stock consumption and service delivery for new vaccines, whereas global suppliers must produce enough vaccines to meet demand.(More)
While there is much new work in the field of communications that challenges such distinctions, many scholars who study the medium still assume a clear and natural separation between fictional and non-fictional television. Falling into the former category are most prime-time shows, specials, movies and other broadcasts serving, it is assumed, primarily as(More)