Bruce A. Smith

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This paper describes the electrical architecture and design of the IBM eServere BladeCentert processor blades, expansion blades, and input/output (I/O) expansion adapters and units. The processor blades are independent, general-purpose servers containing processors, chipsets, main memory, hard drives, network interface controllers, power input control(More)
On the performance and use of dense servers Dense servers trade performance at the node level for higher deployment density and lower power consumption as well as the possibility of reduced cost of ownership. System performance and the details of energy consumption for this class of servers, however, are not well understood. In this paper, we describe a(More)
This paper describes the IBM eServere BladeCentert T system, an extension of the BladeCenter platform designed for the specific and rigorous requirements of the telecommunications industry, such as compliance with Telcordia Technologies Network Equipment – Building Standards (NEBSe) specifications. The Telcordia NEBS documents and the analogous documents(More)
Some scientists suggest it could be still another sign of climate change: Salamanders in the Appalachian Mountains are getting smaller, they say, because in a drier, warmer climate, the little cold-blooded creatures use more energy to stay alive. "As their temperature rises, all their physiological rates increase," said Michael Sears, a Clemson University(More)
of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. These remarks are in three parts, dealing with Bruce Smith's contributions to the study of financial intermediation and development, monetary history, and economic dynamics. on financial intermediation and development The Historical and intellectual background Bruce Smith is one of the finest men I have had the(More)
of Maryland shows a red-backed salamander, one of the native Appalachian mountain range salamander species that has gotten significantly smaller. Scientists say salamanders in the mountain range are getting smaller in response to climate change. Some scientists suggest it could be still another sign of climate change: Salamanders in the Appalachian(More)
The architecture and design of the IBM eServere BladeCentert system make it an ideal platform for many information technology (IT) solutions. Its high availability, modularity, flexible infrastructure integration, and on demand configuration options have prompted developers within IBM and in end-user IT organizations to create solutions tailored to a(More)
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