Bruce A. Reinig

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The quality of ideas a team generates constitutes an upper limit on the quality of the problem solving process. Much research has been done about causes of idea quantity and causes of idea quality. It has been noted by some researchers that idea quality appears to correlate with idea quantity, and several have argued that it is not necessary to go to(More)
This article offers a set of guidelines to assist project leaders when managing virtual project teams. The guidelines were developed as a result of a panel at the celebration of the 30 anniversary of the founding of the MIS department at the University of Arizona. These guidelines include recommendations for addressing challenges that occur over the virtual(More)
Group support systems (GSS) have been shown to be effective in a variety of managerial applications such as business process reengineering, strategic planning, and intelligence gathering. The majority of experiments and case studies that have reported GSS effectiveness, however, have been conducted in Western environments, which have individualistic and low(More)
Graduates of an undergraduate information systems (IS) program were surveyed to determine whether the curriculum could be better aligned with their career needs by adjusting the balance between technical and business content. A survey was designed and validated to measure managerial, technical, and interpersonal communication responsibilities as well as(More)