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—A new topologically correct hybrid transformer model is developed for low and midfrequency transient simulations. Power transformers have a conceptually simple design, but behaviors can be very complex. The selection of the most suitable representation for a given behavior depends on the type of transformer to be simulated, the frequency range, and other(More)
The paper documents a new transformer model in ATPDraw called XFMR. This model handles 3-phase transformers with two or three windings. Autotransformers and all Wye and Delta couplings are supported. The model includes an inverse inductance matrix for the leakage description, optional frequency dependent winding resistance, capacitive coupling, and a(More)
It is an important and difficult challenge to protect modern interconnected power system from blackouts. Applying advanced power system protection techniques and increasing power system stability are ways to improve the reliability and security of power systems. Phasor-domain software packages such as Power System Simulator for Engineers (PSS/E) can be used(More)
The basic concept of ferroresonance is introduced and explained in engineering terms. A broad set of example problems in distribution, substation, and transmission systems is presented. Included are ferroresonance involving: a) 345-kV bus VTs and circuit breaker voltage grading capacitors, b) lightly loaded 12.47-kV pad-mount transformer fed by underground(More)
This thesis, "Time-domain modeling of high-frequency electromagnetic wave propagation, overhead wires, and earth", is hereby approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Date To those who not only hope but believe, not only believe but have patience, not only are patient but pursue, not(More)
—The ability to predict or confirm ferroresonance depends primarily on the correctness of the transformer model used by the computer simulation. Ferroresonance is introduced and a general modeling approach is given. An overview of available literature and contributors to this area is provided. A simple case of ferroresonance in a single phase transformer is(More)