Bruce A. McPheron

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Speciation in animals is almost always envisioned as the split of an existing lineage into an ancestral and a derived species. An alternative speciation route is homoploid hybrid speciation in which two ancestral taxa give rise to a third, derived, species by hybridization without a change in chromosome number. Although theoretically possible it has been(More)
Insects in the order Plecoptera (stoneflies) use a form of two-dimensional aerodynamic locomotion called surface skimming to move across water surfaces. Because their weight is supported by water, skimmers can achieve effective aerodynamic locomotion even with small wings and weak flight muscles. These mechanical features stimulated the hypothesis that(More)
The Rhagoletis pomonella species complex consists of at least four sibling species. They are highly host specific as larvae, and display great fidelity as adults. The only certain way to identify them is to know the host materials from which they came, because these fruit flies are very similar or identical, and have been especially recalcitrant to(More)
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