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This paper reports results obtained in benchmark tests conducted within the ARPA Spoken Language program in November and December of 1993. In addition to ARPA contractors, participants included a number of %olunteers", including foreign participants from Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The body of the paper is limited to an outline of the(More)
This paper describes the 1998 TREC-7 Spoken Document Retrieval (SDR) Track which implemented an evaluation of retrieval of broadcast news excerpts using a combination of automatic speech recognition and information retrieval technologies. The motivations behind the SDR Track and background regarding its development and implementation are discussed. The SDR(More)
Strains of the bacterium Escherichia coli that cause infections of the human urinary tract produce so-called Pap-pili, which are hair-like appendages consisting of about 10(3) helically arranged subunits of the protein PapA. These pili mediate binding to digalactoside-containing glycolipids present on the epithelial cells which line the urinary tract.(More)
In customer relationship management (CRM) or consumer finance it is important to predict the time of repeated events. These repeated events might be a purchase, service visit, or late payment. Specifically, the goal is to find the probability density for the time to first event, the probability density for the time to second event, etc. Two approaches are(More)
In other presentations, the authors have provided macros that efficiently compute univariate statistics for hundreds of variables at a time. The classic example is when a modeler must fit a binary model (two-valued target) and has available hundreds of potential numeric predictors. Such situations may occur when third-party data sets are added to in-house(More)
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