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An architecture description language (ADL) specifies the structure of an overall system as an assembly of interacting components. ADLs can serve as input to a variety of development tools. We outline the Avionics Architecture Description Language, an emerging SAE standard for describing the architectures of hard real-time, safety-critical embedded computer(More)
Architecture Description Languages provide significant opportunity for the incorporation of formal methods and engineering models into the analysis of software and system architectures. A standard is being developed for embedded real-time safety critical systems which will support the use of various formal approaches to analyze the impact of the composition(More)
The emerging Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) standard is an architecture modeling language for real-time, fault-tolerant, scalable, embedded, multiprocessor systems. It enables the development and predictable integration of highly evolvable systems as well as analysis of existing systems. This paper(More)
The development of embedded systems through models requires the creation of both a platform independent model (PIM) and a platform specific model (PSM). xUML is an extension to UML that adds precise execution semantics to models enabling a full description of platform independent models and the generation of code from them. However, to achieve different(More)
A specification/generation software tool for building hard real-time distributed systems was redeveloped to generate Ada 95 rather that Ada 83 and targeted to the GNAT Ada 95 compiler under Sun Solaris. The resulting simulator was tested with missile flight simulation code. Language issues discovered and paradigms used are discussed with recommendations in(More)