Bruce A. Garetz

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By switching between linear and circular polarization in the irradiation of supersaturated solutions of the amino acid glycine in water with intense nanosecond pulses of near-infrared laser light, we have obtained the gamma and alpha phases, respectively, through nonphotochemical light-induced nucleation (NPLIN). This is the first report of light(More)
Helical polymers appended with paired structurally different enantiomers, which have opposing helical sense preferences, yield a new kind of relationship between optical activity and temperature, and also reveal unusual details of the nature of chiral interactions. Consistent with a statistical physical theory developed for these experiments, the proportion(More)
We report a new photophysical phenomenon in which 1.06 mm pulses from a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser induce crystallization in supersaturated solutions of urea in water. Because the solutions are transparent at the incident wavelength, a photochemical mechanism is unlikely. The needle-shaped crystals that initially form tend to be aligned parallel to the(More)
Applying a strong static electric field to supersaturated aqueous glycine solutions resulted in the nucleation of the gamma polymorph. This is the first report of a strong dc field inducing the nucleation of a neutral solute in a supersaturated solution. We attribute this effect to the electric-field-induced orientation of the highly polar glycine molecules(More)
To investigate the effect of molecular architecture on the grain growth kinetics of star block copolymers, a series of AnBn miktoarm star block copolymers with different numbers of arms (n = 1, 2, 4 and 16) was studied. Across this entire series of materials, all the A arms are polystyrene (PS) blocks from the same anionically synthesized batch, and thus(More)
We propose the attachment of a periodic array of gold nanoparticles (epitopes) to the equator of a Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensor for the purpose of plasmonically enhancing nanoparticle sensing in a self-referencing manner while increasing the capture rate of analyte to antibodies attached to these plasmonic epitopes. Our approach can be applied to a(More)
A new metastable phase of p-nitroaniline has been formed by flash evaporation from a toluene solution. This phase generates extremely strong second-harmonic radiation at 532 nm when illuminated with a near-infrared laser beam at 1064 nm. This observation is surprising since the stable crystalline phase exhibits no second harmonic and suggests that the new(More)
In this paper, a new method for detecting inhomogeneity in turbid media is proposed and investigated both numerically and experimentally. An ultrafast laser, whose pulse width is in the range of picoseconds or femtoseconds, is used as the detecting source and backscattered light signals are collected around the boundary of the target. This novel technique(More)
A nonphotochemical laser-induced phase transition was studied in a supercooled 4;{'}-n -pentyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (5CB, also referred to as PCB and K15) liquid crystal, using linearly polarized 45 ps light pulses at a wavelength of 532 nm. The laser induced nucleation from the metastable supercooled isotropic phase to the nematic phase during slow cooling(More)