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The response of many dynamical systems to an impulse is a linear combination of decaying cosines. The frequencies of the cosines have generally been estimated in geophysics by periodogram analysis and little formal indication of uncertainty has been provided. This work presents an estimation procedure by the methods of complex demodulation and non-linear(More)
The last decade has seen a radical change in the treatment of earthquake hazards, not only in highly seismic regions such as California, Iran, South America and Japan, but also in Europe. The growth of population, the construction of large structures, and the growth of dynamical procedures in earthquake engineering have required more quantitative(More)
The paper outlines a probabilistic basis for the automatic estimation from observed surface wave dispersion of structural model parameters with uncertainties. Given an earth model, a wave type and pertinent parameter values, the group velocity of seismic waves can be computed from theory as a function of frequency. Such a function may also be based on the(More)
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