Bruce A. Black

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—A communications systems course laboratory component using an infrared (IR) communication system has been developed as part of the wireless education initiative at the Rose–Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT), Terre Haute, IN. Students build the system up over several laboratory periods from distinct subsystems, each of which illustrates specific(More)
The proponents of graphical programming (that is using graphics to program a computer, not programming a computer to do graphics) claim graphical programming is better than text-based programming; however text-based programmers far out number graphics-based programmers. This paper describes the preliminary developments of comparing the use of LabVIEW (a(More)
Binary and ternary 5-bit programmable dispersion matrix is built to control a two-channel receives beamformer at 1550 nm. Phase measurements for the delay configurations along with beam-patterns at RF frequencies 0.2-1 GHz are presented. 1-INTRODUCTION Many RF and microwave systems, such as high-resolution phased-array antennas and signal processing(More)
This paper describes implemented methods for characterizing a 5-bit programmable dispersion matrix (PDM) that is built to control a two-channel Receive beamformer in the 1550 nm region. The architecture of the PDM, is based on an array of 5 delay lines each having two spliced fiber Bragg gratings. Phase measurements for 32 possible delay configurations of(More)
We have analyzed a pair of human myeloma immunoglobulins (biclonal proteins) of the IgG and IgA classes from a single patient, GR. The light chains are identical in amino-acid sequence over 40 residues at their NH2-terminus, hwereas the heavy chains are identical throughout 45 residues of their NH2-terminus. Additional chemical and serological studies(More)
SUMMARY Binary and ternary 5-bit programmable dispersion matrix, based on fiber Bragg reflectors, is built to control a two-channel receive/transmit beamformer at 1550 nm. RF phase measurements for the 32/31 delay configurations are presented. The programmable dispersion matrix is fully demonstrated and characterized for RF signals from 0.2 to 1 GHz. key(More)
In this paper we implement and characterize a two-channel optical programmable beamformer. The system is designed to achieve four-bit resolution. The architecture of the programmable dispersion matrix is based on an array of four delay-lines each having two spliced fiber Bragg gratings. We have experimentally investigated the optical signal processing(More)
The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers ABET-accredited degree programs in electrical engineering and in computer engineering. Both continuous and discrete-time signal processing are important parts of both programs, but share the programs with other subjects such as electronics and computer science.(More)
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