Bruce A. Berger

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A possible association between interruptions and distractions and the occurrence of dispensing errors was investigated. Fourteen pharmacists and 10 technicians in an ambulatory care pharmacy at a general medical-surgical hospital were tested for distractibility by using the group embedded figures test (GEFT) as well as for visual acuity and hearing. They(More)
Associations between ambient sounds and accuracy of pharmacists' prescription-filling performance in a pharmacy was studied. Pharmacists were videotaped as they filled prescriptions each workday for 23 days. Each filled prescription was inspected by the investigator. Deviations from the physician's written order were considered errors. Videotape analysis(More)
Introduction The purpose of this article is to describe three innovations: 1) the development of traditional motivational interviewing within substance abuse counseling; 2) our development of a new conceptual approach to motivational interviewing in health care; and 3) our development of an eight hour e-learning program to teach this approach to(More)
BACKGROUND The pathogenesis of progressive renal insufficiency in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is unclear. Evidence from experimental models of ADPKD suggests that elevated endothelin-1 (ET-1) drives cyst growth, renal fibrosis and loss of renal function, but whether ET-1 is elevated in humans with ADPKD is uncertain. METHODS In a(More)
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