Bruce A. Barshop

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A flexible and convenient computational method for the simulation of kinetic progress curves has been developed. A mechanism is represented in conventional chemical format with either kinetic or rapid equilibrium steps separating chemical species. A table describing the differential equations of the mechanism is generated and a direct numerical integration(More)
The "classical" organic anion secretory pathway of the renal proximal tubule is critical for the renal excretion of the prototypic organic anion, para-aminohippurate, as well as of a large number of commonly prescribed drugs among other significant substrates. Organic anion transporter 1 (OAT1), originally identified as NKT (Lopez-Nieto, C. E., You, G.,(More)
In male patients with Fabry disease, an X-linked disorder of glycosphingolipid metabolism caused by deficient activity of the lysosomal enzyme alpha-galactosidase A, kidney dysfunction becomes apparent by the third decade of life and invariably progresses to ESRD without treatment. Here, we summarize the effects of agalsidase alfa on kidney function from(More)
We report a family with a heterogeneous group of neurologic disorders associated with the mitochondrial DNA G8363A transfer ribonucleic acid (RNA)Lys mutation. The phenotype of one child in the family was consistent with autism. During his second year of life, he lost previously acquired language skills and developed marked hyperactivity with toe-walking,(More)
Deficiency of mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma activity was found in a patient with mtDNA depletion and Alpers' syndrome. Metabolic evaluation revealed fasting hypoglycemia, dicarboxylic aciduria, and reduced activity of the electron transport chain in skeletal muscle. The patient died in early childhood of fulminant hepatic failure, refractory epilepsy,(More)
Diabetic kidney disease is the leading cause of ESRD, but few biomarkers of diabetic kidney disease are available. This study used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to quantify 94 urine metabolites in screening and validation cohorts of patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) and CKD(DM+CKD), in patients with DM without CKD (DM-CKD), and in healthy(More)
We collected data on 48 patients from 38 families with guanidinoacetate methyltransferase (GAMT) deficiency. Global developmental delay/intellectual disability (DD/ID) with speech/language delay and behavioral problems as the most affected domains was present in 44 participants, with additional epilepsy present in 35 and movement disorder in 13. Treatment(More)
Excretion of uric acid, a compound of considerable medical importance, is largely determined by the balance between renal secretion and reabsorption. The latter process has been suggested to be principally mediated by urate transporter 1 (URAT1; slc22a12), but the role of various putative urate transporters has been much debated. We have characterized urate(More)
Renal organic anion transporters (OAT) are known to mediate the excretion of many drugs, but their function in normal physiology is not well understood. In this study, mice lacking organic anion transporter 3 (Oat3) had a 10 to 15% lower BP than wild-type mice, raising the possibility that Oat3 transports an endogenous regulator of BP. The aldosterone(More)
In order to examine correlations which might be useful in ascertaining or confirming the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, a retrospective analysis of urine organic acids was performed. Among 3646 analyses from randomly selected samples referred to our laboratory, there were 258 specimens from 67 patients with various known disorders of mitochondrial(More)