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Two trialkyltin compounds, trimethyltin chloride (TMT) and triethyltin bromide (TET) were evaluated for their acute effects on cochlear function in pigmented guinea pigs. Compound action potential (CAP) thresholds and 1 microV RMS cochlear microphonic (CM) isopotential curves were generated for 25 subjects following ip injection of TMT (2 mg/kg), TET (12 or(More)
1. To examine the effect of charge and molecular size on the renal handling of immunoglobulin light chain, three different human light chains were purified, iodinated and characterized with regard to molecular weight and isoelectric point. The molecular weights were similar, whereas the isoelectric points ranged from markedly cationic to markedly anionic.(More)
In the rabbit blood stream, plasminogen circulates as two glycoforms, plasminogen I (PLG-I) and plasminogen II (PLG-II), in a molar ratio of 1:2.2. To compare their relative behaviors toward a site of vascular injury, radiolabeled samples of PLG-I and PLG-II were coinjected intravenously into NZW rabbits before inducing a de-endothelializing (balloon(More)
Previous studies have shown that alloxan-induced diabetes in rabbits effects a slower release of plasma proteins from the liver, a slower synthesis of 35S-glycosaminoglycan in the extracellular matrix of the arterial wall, and a concurrent reduction in the fractional catabolic rates of several plasma proteins. In the present study, the catabolism of two(More)
During their growth, many malignant solid tumors elicit a hemostatic response in the host. In this report, the fluxes of various rabbit plasma hemostatic proteins into pulmonary VX-2 tumors have been measured in vivo. VX-2 cells were contained within a small rabbit plasma clot which was injected intravenously into rabbits. At 28 d, each rabbit was injected(More)
Biochemical evaluation of amniotic fluid content is often used to monitor fetal secretory and excretory functions. It is known that alcohol freely passes through the placenta and enters the fetal tissues. The study was designed to investigate whether alcohol use during pregnancy affects amniotic fluid steroid and peptide hormone levels. Five alcohol users(More)
Plasminogen (PLG) exists in the circulation as two glycoforms, I and II. Angiostatin (AST) is a polypeptide that has been cleaved from the kringle region of PLG and has strong anti-angiogenic properties. AST-I and AST-II, which consisted only of kringles 1 through 3, were prepared by the action of urokinase on purified rabbit PLG-I and PLG-II, respectively,(More)
1. The effect of semistarvation (sufficient to produce a loss of 18-28% of initial body weight) on the active transport of D-glucose and L-histidine by the rat, the guinea-pig and the golden hamster has been investigated by the use of sacs of everted small intestine (from upper jejunum to lower ileum).2. In the rat and the guinea-pig the dietary restriction(More)