Brooke White

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The Double Chooz experiment presents an indication of reactor electron antineutrino disappearance consistent with neutrino oscillations. An observed-to-predicted ratio of events of 0.944±0.016(stat)±0.040(syst) was obtained in 101 days of running at the Chooz nuclear power plant in France, with two 4.25 GW(th) reactors. The results were obtained from a(More)
The dynamic responses of stomatal conductance (g s) net photosynthesis (A) and leaf water potential (Ψleaf) to a progressive drought were examined in nine poplar clones (Populus spp.) with contrasting drought tolerance from the Canadian Prairies, a region prone to frequent droughts. Plants were grown in a greenhouse and either well-watered or drought(More)
We consider reflection of a pulse incident on a layered halfspace whose density and bulk modulus vary randomly. We show that when the pulse width is long compared to the average time it takes to travel over one correlation length, the reflected signal is approximately a Gaussian random process. The parameters of this process change slowly on a scale long(More)
Systems designed to monitor airborne radionuclides released from underground nuclear explosions detected radioactive fallout across the northern hemisphere resulting from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in March 2011. Sampling data from multiple International Modeling System locations are combined with atmospheric transport modeling to(More)
Transverse, parasitic lasing has been observed in several large Ti:sapphire disk amplifiers. It severely limits the signal gain and the pulse energy that can be extracted from the amplifier. We have developed a technique for suppressing these parasitic lasing modes based on index matching the crystal edges with an absorbing doped polymer thermoplastic. The(More)
Wind tunnel experiments have revealed a characteristic flow field pattern over raised-rim craters which causes distinctive zones of aeolian erosion and deposition. Comparisons of the results with Mariner 9 images of Mars show that some crater-associated dark zones result from wind erosion and that some crater-associated light streaks are depositional.
a r t i c l e i n f o The formation of winter ice on Lake Superior has been shown to be important in determining the annual thermal cycle of the lake and long-term trends of surface water temperature increase. However, modeling studies of Lake Superior to date have not included dynamic and thermodynamic ice cover. These physical characteristics of the lake(More)
In the product design process, it is often desirable to quickly obtain information about current user behaviors for topics that cannot be obtained through existing data or instrumentation. Perhaps we would like to understand the use of products we do not have access to or perhaps the action we would like to know about (such as using a coupon) is an action(More)