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Acknowledgements During the last three years, my work has beneeted greatly from discussions with where I learnt the nal tools needed for this research. I hope that the ideas in this dissertation will only be used towards peaceful ends. This is the second edition of my thesis. Some typographical errors have been corrected, and a small number of clariications(More)
1. The effect of cholinergic modulation on associative memory function was studied in a computational model based on the physiology and anatomic structure of piriform cortex. Both the cholinergic suppression of intrinsic fiber synaptic transmission and the cholinergic changes in postsynaptic excitability described in the companion paper were examined. 2.(More)
Micro RNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small, non-coding RNA species that play critical roles throughout cellular development and regulation. miRNA expression patterns taken from various tissue types often point to the cellular lineage of an individual tissue type, thereby being a more invariant hallmark of tissue type. Recent work has shown that these miRNA(More)
Women have lower quit rates in smoking cessation than men. There are several factors suggested which are relevant to women's difficulties in smoking programs. One factor cited is the problem that women experience during withdrawal. Similar physiological and psychological symptoms are reported after smoking cessation and during menstrual cycle changes. In(More)
Combining neuropharmacological experiments with computational model-ing, we have shown that cholinergic modulation may enhance associative memory function in piriform (olfactory) cortex. We have shown that the acetylcholine analogue carbachol selectively suppresses synaptic transmission between cells within piriform cortex, while leaving input connections(More)
Physaria fendleri (syn. Lesquerella) is a Brassicaceae producing lesquerolic acid, a highly valued hydroxy fatty acid that could be used for several industrial applications, such as cosmetics, lubricating greases, paints, plastics and biofuels. Free of toxins, Physaria oil is an attractive alternative to imported castor (Ricinus communis) oil, and is hence(More)
The availability of 24 antiretroviral (ARV) drugs within six distinct drug classes has transformed HIV-1 infection (AIDS) into a treatable chronic disease. However, the ability of HIV-1 to develop resistance to multiple classes continues to present challenges to the treatment of many ARV treatment-experienced patients. In this case report, we describe the(More)
We undertook a systems engineering approach to evaluate housewide implementation of daily chlorhexidine bathing. We performed direct observations of the bathing process and conducted provider and patient surveys. The main outcome was compliance with bathing using a checklist. Fifty-seven percent of baths had full compliance with the chlorhexidine bathing(More)