Brooke Murphy

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The intracellular bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) causes Johne's disease in wild and domestic ruminants. Johne's disease presents as a chronic enteritis with severe inflammation of intestinal tissues, characterized by widespread infiltration of macrophages, the target cell of MAP. Clinical signs of Johne's disease are(More)
Respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza viruses are the major pathogens in acute lower respiratory infection in infants and younger children. They show distinct seasonal patterns. An annual epidemic of respiratory syncytial virus infection is seen in Melbourne and this coincides with the coldest months of the year. Parainfluenza virus Type 1, the most(More)
BACKGROUND To assist general practitioners (GPs) in minimising their risk of medical error, the education unit of a medical insurer developed a survey that assessed the risk-management behaviours of GPs. OBJECTIVE This study describes the risk-management behaviours of Australian GPs and how they vary by age, sex and workload intensity. METHOD A(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the acceptability and educational impact of the workplace-based assessment program for international medical graduates on candidates and assessors. METHOD A grounded theory-based qualitative analysis of the experiences of 17 candidates and eleven assessors using focus groups, interviews, and surveys. RESULTS Both candidates and(More)
An instrument to measure medico-legal risk-management behaviours among medical practitioners was developed and tested. A cross-sectional survey was posted to 962 UNITED Medical Protection members receiving premium support. A final sample of 757 currently working medical practitioners responded, including general practitioners (21.9%), surgeons (29.9%),(More)
We argue that gender issues in physical education (PE) remain in some schools, despite advances in PE research and curricula aimed at engaging females in PE. We interviewed five Australian PE teachers (1 male and 4 females) at a co-educational, regional high school about the factors affecting female participation in PE and the strategies they used to engage(More)
OBJECTIVES To test whether a summative workplace-based assessment (WBA) is feasible and acceptable for international medical graduates (IMGs). DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A 6-month trial with 27 IMGs from teaching hospitals in Newcastle, Australia. IMGs were assessed by 65 trained assessors from different disciplines, using blueprinted, preset(More)
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