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Hackademia is a semi-formal learning group that introduces largely non-technical students to basic technical skills by presenting them with open-ended challenges in a peer-based, collaborative environment. This project has two main goals: the near-end goal has been to use a collaborative design model to develop a working, scalable model for teaching(More)
This paper summarises the proceedings and discussions at the third annual workshop held in Tübingen, Germany, dedicated to the advancement of the technical, scientific and clinical applications of combined PET/MRI systems in humans. Two days of basic scientific and technical instructions with "hands-on" tutorials were followed by 3 days of invited(More)
Graduate students engaged in engineering education research have always informally networked in small clusters at engineering education themed conferences. As the graduate student population has grown, so too has a widespread desire to develop a larger, more formalized student network. An effort supported by engineering education faculty and interested(More)
– This paper looks at characteristics of a studio environment and the ways in which engineering pedagogies can begin to incorporate them. Using inductive coding, student reflection forms, in which students described their experiences with a studio environment as they developed professional portfolios, are analyzed. Based on our findings and using(More)
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