Bronwyn W Robinson

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Species that appear highly specialized on the basis of their phenotype (e.g., morphology, behavior, and physiology) also sometimes act as ecological generalists. This apparent paradox has been used to argue against the importance of competition as a diversifying evolutionary force. We provide an alternative explanation based on optimal foraging theory. Some(More)
The roles of verbal short-term and working memory were examined in a sample of children with Williams syndrome (mean chronological age 10 years, 2 months) and a sample of grammar-matched children who are developing normally. Forward digit span, nonword repetition, and backward span were all found to be correlated with receptive grammatical ability in the(More)
A telestimulator has been constructed which is suitable for mounting on the heads of medium-sized Macaca mulatta or larger primates. It differs from previous units in that the battery supply is continuously recharged from ambient light by means of solar cells. The system features remote control of all stimulus parameters, constant current output, and remote(More)
"Interfaced between marriage and divorce lies an intermediate stage of separation which involves the emotional, physical, and sometimes legal termination of a marriage at some point in time. Examination of special cross-tabulations from the 1976 Census of Canada indicates that the proportion of the population separated is equal to or exceeds the proportion(More)