Bronwyn Smaill

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A series of experiments was designed to assess the effect of a treatment protocol (U-synch) for inducing oestrus and ovulation out of the breeding season in adult ewes and ewe lambs. The protocol consisted of a 7-day treatment with an intravaginal progesterone-releasing device (IPRD), administration of GnRH at IPRD insertion on Day 0, and equine chorionic(More)
In a naturally mated cycle, ova and viable embryo number as well as embryo size were assessed on Day 4, 10, 14, 18, and 30 of gestation in Romney ewes (n = 38-44 per gestational group). For Days 4-18 of gestation, embryos were recovered by flushing the reproductive tract after slaughtering of the ewe. Ovulation rate was determined by counting the number of(More)
Two experiments were designed to investigate the administration of intravaginal progesterone in protocols for oestrus and ovulation synchronization in beef heifers. In Experiment 1, cyclic Black Angus heifers (n = 20) received an Ovsynch protocol and were randomly assigned to receive (CIDR-Ovsynch) or not (Ovsynch) a progesterone device between Days 0 and(More)
A ewe that is mated as a juvenile (producing a lamb at 1 year of age) will produce an average of only 0.6 lambs to weaning, compared to an average of 1.2 lambs in adult ewes. Understanding the underlying causes of this low reproductive efficiency and designing methods to improve or mitigate these effects could potentially increase adoption of mating(More)
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