Bronwyn Ryan

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The Regional Aboriginal Integrated Social and Emotional (RAISE) Wellbeing program commenced in February 2003 as an Aboriginal mental health service partnership between one Aboriginal Health Service and three mainstream services: a community mental health team, a hospital mental health liaison, and an "outback" community counselling service. A case study(More)
OBJECTIVES HIV antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy is recommended to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission and for maternal care. Physiological changes during pregnancy can affect pharmacokinetics. The impact of pregnancy was evaluated for once-daily (qd) darunavir/ritonavir. METHODS HIV-1-infected pregnant women on an antiretroviral regimen(More)
The effects of measles epidemic amongst Cambodian refugees who were inadequately housed and fed in a refugee camp on the Cambodian-Vietnam border are described. As the condition of the people deteriorated, kwashiokor became prevalent and from a comparatively low death rate initially, children began to die in quick succession. With the supply of extra(More)