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This paper reports on the activities and practices of leaders whose efforts to sustain their successful communities of practice have lessons for practitioners and researchers. These leaders kept their communities connected, helped them collaborate and working online to develop an area of expertise over sustained periods of time. The leaders attended both to(More)
BACKGROUND Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is associated with insulin resistance and features in common with the metabolic syndrome (MetS)--factors shown to predict cardiovascular risk and type 2 diabetes. We investigated the prevalence and characteristics of the MetS in PCOS by three definitions-World Health Organization (WHO), National Cholesterol(More)
Goal: The project idea was to explore what it means to have 'legitimate peripheral participants' in a CoP, and strategies to promote this idea when establishing a CoP-to overcome reluctance to commit because of fears of increased workload, and also to explore the literature in this area. The project ran over a three-week period as one component of a(More)
Follistatin has been reported as a candidate gene for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) from linkage and association studies. Acting to regulate the development of ovarian follicles and as an antagonist to aromatase activity, alterations in follistatin function or expression may result in key features of PCOS such as reduced serum FSH, impaired ovarian(More)
More and more people, groups and organizations are looking to develop the Internet-mediated version of the Lave & Wenger (1991) community of practice to realize goals of reform, professional development, knowledge management and improved workplace morale. The need to reach large distributed audiences and to harness the perceived value of communities of(More)
BACKGROUND Human ageing is a complex, multifactorial process and early developmental factors affect health outcomes in old age. METHODS Metabolomic profiling on fasting blood was carried out in 6055 individuals from the UK. Stepwise regression was performed to identify a panel of independent metabolites which could be used as a surrogate for age. We also(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of fenofibrate and coenzyme Q(10) (CoQ) on diastolic function, ambulatory blood pressure (ABP), and heart rate (HR) in type 2 diabetic subjects with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We randomized, double-blind, 74 subjects to fenofibrate 160 mg daily, CoQ 200 mg daily,(More)
Genetic factors contribute strongly to sex hormone levels, yet knowledge of the regulatory mechanisms remains incomplete. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified only a small number of loci associated with sex hormone levels, with several reproductive hormones yet to be assessed. The aim of the study was to identify novel genetic variants(More)
Nuclear receptors (NRs) and their coregulators play fundamental roles in initiating and directing gene expression influencing mammalian reproduction, development and metabolism. SRA stem Loop Interacting RNA-binding Protein (SLIRP) is a Steroid receptor RNA Activator (SRA) RNA-binding protein that is a potent repressor of NR activity. SLIRP is present in(More)
INTRODUCTION Obesity is associated with reduced testosterone and worsened erectile and sexual function in men. Weight loss improves these outcomes. High protein diets potentially offer anthropometric and metabolic benefits, but their effects on reproductive and sexual outcomes is not known. AIM To examine the long-term effects of weight loss with a higher(More)