Bronwyn Chalker

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Mixed cultures of bacteria, enriched from aquatic sediments, grew anaerobically on all three isomers of phthalic acid. Each culture grew anaerobically on only one isomer and also grew aerobically on the same isomer. Pure cultures were isolated from the phthalic acid (o-phthalic acid) and isophthalic acid (m-phthalic acid) enrichments that grew aerobically(More)
All shallow-water marine organisms have natural features and behaviours that can reduce exposure to UV radiation and limit the amount of photodamage to functional biomolecules and organelles. Protection from UV radiation often includes the production of UV-absorbing compounds which, in marine organisms, are usually mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) having(More)
Aim: To investigate children's body image, perceptions of the academic abilities of thin and fat children and whether body image influences student's academic confidence and/or participation in school classroom activities. Methods: The Children's Body Image Scale (CBIS) depicting seven figures ranging from thin (A) to fat (G) and individual one-on-one(More)
INTRODUCTION Rates of potentially preventable hospitalisations (PPH) are used as a proxy measure of effectiveness of, or access to community-based health services. The validity of PPH as an indicator in Australia has not been confirmed. Available evidence suggests that patient-related, clinician-related and systems-related factors are associated with PPH,(More)
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