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Globally, asthma morbidity remains unacceptably high. If outcomes are to be improved, it is crucial that routine review consultations in primary care are performed to a high standard. Key components of a review include: * Assessment of control using specific morbidity questions to elucidate the presence of symptoms, in conjunction with the frequency of use(More)
There is a need to establish the proportion of adult asthmatics at each step of the recommended asthma management guidelines, the cost of their prescribed treatment, and a revised cost of treatment assuming patients who were suboptimally controlled were moved up a step. Actual prescription and cost figures and a theoretical projection of an ideal scenario(More)
When patients seek medical help, they expect to be protected and that healthcare decisions preserve their safety - they expect to receive more benefit than harm. Harm can be caused through both action and inaction, for example by failing to provide adequate therapy because of cost constraints. Restrictions on the use of antibiotics that prevent or(More)
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