Bronwen Smith

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The metabolic cost of one healthy male subject aged 31 years, running on a range of gradients from +5% to −45% at speeds varying from 6.0 km · h−1 to 18.0 km · h−1, on a motor-driven treadmill, has been investigated. The results showed that the “apparent” efficiency of running increased with gradient from 0 to −15% and then remained fairly constant at a(More)
Applying conventional statistical techniques to cytogenetic data usually faces the problem of working with small numbers and many classes. We describe two techniques, one based on a binomial test procedure, the other on Monte Carlo simulations, aimed at studying the non-randomness of chromosomal aberrations. Both techniques were used to study the(More)
Novel products were developed by combining freeze dried and conventionally dried broccoli sprouts powder with the commercially available cheese powder. Quality assessment of the blended products during the development process and of the final product was done by sensory analysis and estimation of total antioxidant capacity, total polyphenolics, total(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this work was to determine experimentally the effective point of measurement (EPOM) in clinical electron beams for three cylindrical ionization chambers using a commercial scintillation detector as a reference detector. METHODS Percent depth dose (PDD) curves were measured using an Exradin W1 scintillation detector and were used as a(More)
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