Bronius Skupas

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Educational data mining and learning analytics promise better understanding of student behavior and knowledge, as well as new information on the tacit factors that contribute to student actions. This knowledge can be used to inform decisions related to course and tool design and pedagogy, and to further engage students and guide those at risk of failure.(More)
The optional maturity programming exam is considered as an outcome of the secondary curriculum on information technologies in Lithuania. The most important part of the exam is the evaluation of the students' programs. A special application was developed for automatic and manual evaluation of programs. It evaluates program correctness, programming constructs(More)
The optional graduation (maturity) exam in programming, considered as an outcome of the high school curriculum in Lithuania, could play a significant role in involving students for further studies in computer science or related disciplines. An important part of the exam is the evaluation of the students' program codes. An automatic testing environment for(More)
The Online Judge ( is an on-line programming trainer created by University of Valladolid in 1995 with the aim of training users who participate in programming competitions. Currently this tool has over 64,000 users from many countries and more than 2,000 tasks. In 2007 the project "Integrating On-line Judge into effective(More)
An automatic testing environment for the evaluation of maturity exam solutions in programming in Lithuanian high schools has been developed. The environment was adjusted to be applied also for manual evaluation of program constructs and programming style. In this paper we present a study of programs designed by the students during the maturity exam in the(More)
Automatic program evaluation is a way to assess source program files. These techniques are used in learning management environments, programming exams and contest systems. However, use of automated program evaluation encounters problems: some evaluations are not clear for the students and the system messages do not show reasons for lost points. The author(More)
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