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The strikingly large spin-spin correlation ANN observed in pp elastic scattering at plab = 2.5 GeV/c and 11.75 GeV/ c and the unexpected energy dependence of absorptive corrections to quasi-elastic proton-proton scattering in a nuclear target can be interpreted in terms of two J = L = S = 1, B = 2 resonance structures associated with the strange and charmed(More)
The dominance of helicity-conserving amplitudes in gauge theory is shown imply universal ratios for the charge, magnetic, and quadrupole form factors spin-one bound states: Gc(Q2) : GM(Q2) : GQ(Q2) = (1 $7) : 2 : -1. These ratios hold at large space-like or time-like momentum transfer in the case of composite systems such as the p or deuteron in &CD. They(More)
Note: The authors have worked to ensure that all information in this book is accurate at the time of publication and consistent with general psychiatric and medical standards, and that information concerning drug dosages, schedules, and routes of administration is accurate at the time of publication and consistent with standards set by the U.S. Food and(More)
Single-electron capacitance spectroscopy precisely measures the energies required to add individual electrons to a quantum dot. The spatial extent of electronic wave functions is probed by investigating the dependence of these energies on changes in the dot confining potential. For low electron densities, electrons occupy distinct spatial sites localized(More)