Broderick Crawford

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In constraint programming, enumeration strategies are crucial for resolution performances. In this work, we model the known NP-complete problems Latin Square, Magic Square and Sudoku as a constraint satisfaction problems. We solve them with constraint programming comparing the performance of different variable and value selection heuristics in its(More)
Set Covering Problems and Set Partitioning Problems can model several real life situations. In this paper, we solve some benchmarks of them with Ant Colony Optimization algorithms and some hybridizations of Ant Colony Optimization with Constraint Programming techniques. A lookahead mechanism allows the incorporation of information on the anticipated(More)
Set covering problem is the model for many important industrial applications. In this paper, we solve some benchmarks of this problem with ant colony optimization algorithms using a new transition rule. A look-ahead mechanism was incorporated to check constraint consistency in ant computing. Computational results are presented showing the advantages to use(More)
A Constraint Satisfaction Problem is defined by a set of variables and a set of constraints, each variable has a nonempty domain of possible values. Each constraint involves some subset of the variables and specifies the allowable combinations of values for that subset. A solution of the problem is defined by an assignment of values to some or all of the(More)
In Constraint Programming, selection of a variable and a value of its domain enumeration strategies are crucial for resolution performances. We propose to use a Choice Function for guiding enumeration: we exploit search process features to dynamically adapt a Constraint Programming solver in order to more efficiently solve Constraint Satisfaction Problems.(More)
An increasing number of organizations are trending to teams for innovation and creativity. In Software Engineering it is the same, in the last years the traditional perspective on software development is changing and Agile methods have received considerable attention. Among other attributes, the agilists claim that fostering Creativity is one of the keys to(More)