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Increase in tissue blood flow is one of the most acknowledged potential effects of massage; however, actual research studies examining this phenomenon are inconsistent and inconclusive. One possible reason for continued uncertainty regarding this topic is methodology, specifically how tissue blood flow is measured because limitations exist in previously(More)
INTRODUCTION Women with fibromyalgia (FM) have symptoms of increased muscular fatigue and reduced exercise tolerance, which may be associated with alterations in muscle microcirculation and oxygen metabolism. This study used near-infrared diffuse optical spectroscopies to noninvasively evaluate muscle blood flow, blood oxygenation and oxygen metabolism(More)
Recently, there has been a flurry of studies showing that schizoaffective patients, diagnosed using acute symptom complexes, usually turn out to have affective disorders if they are rediagnosed applying more reliable longitudinal parameters. However, Occam's razor cuts both ways. This investigation shows that if schizoaffective illness is diagnosed using(More)
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