Brock Chatson

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The objective of this study was to examine the chemical structure of the organic matter (SOM) of Oxisols soils in slash and burn agriculture, in relation to its biological properties and soil fertility. The CP/MAS 13C technique was used to identify the main structural groups in litter and fine roots as SOM precursors; to identify the changes on the nature(More)
An Arabidopsis cDNA (AtPGMp) encoding the plastidic phosphoglucomutase (PGM) predicted a 623-amino acid protein with an N-terminal sequence typical of a plastid signal peptide. Expression of a recombinant protein in Escherichia coli confirmed its enzyme activity. The recombinant enzyme had an apparent K(m) value of 98.5 microM and a V(max) of 4.48 micromol(More)
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