Brittany R. Avaritt

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Internalization and intracellular trafficking of dendrimer-drug conjugates play an important role in achieving successful drug delivery. In this study, we aimed to elucidate the endocytosis mechanisms and subcellular localization of poly-l-lysine (PLL) dendrimers in Caco-2 cells. We also investigated the impact of fluorophore conjugation on cytotoxicity,(More)
Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) dendrimers show great promise for utilization as oral drug delivery vehicles. These polymers are capable of traversing epithelial barriers, and have been shown to translocate by both transcellular and paracellular routes. While many proof-of-concept studies have shown that PAMAM dendrimers improve intestinal transport, little(More)
In breast cancer, a significant decrease in riboflavin (RF) serum levels and increase in RF carrier protein occurs, indicating a potential role of RF in disease progression. To evaluate RF’s ability to serve as a targeting agent, mitomycin C (MMC)-conjugated N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide (HPMA) copolymers were synthesized and targeted to the RF(More)
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