Brittany Parker

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A new fast and reliable Golgi method to impregnate neurons in adult human brains which have been routinely fixed in neutral buffered formalin is described. In addition to potassium dichromate and sucrose, this technique uses microwave energy and hydrogen peroxide. Dendrites and perikarya of cortical pyramidal neurons and large subcortical multipolar neurons(More)
Background Energy drinks are often marketed to the consumer as a performance enhancing beverage. When performance benefits are realized, it is likely due to the caffeine content present in typical energy drinks. There have been few scientific studies investigating the effects of energy drink ingestion on anaerobic performance assessed by repeated 20-second(More)
OBJECTIVE While abnormalities in myelin in tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) have been known for some time, recent imaging-based data suggest myelin abnormalities may be independent of the pathognomonic cortical lesions ("tubers"). Multiple mouse models of TSC exhibit myelination deficits, though the cell types responsible and the mechanisms underlying the(More)
Garlic extract (1 mg dry weight/ml) produced an inhibition of the coagulase reaction and increased the time of coagulation by a factor of 1.5, whereas 4 mg dry weight/ml increased the coagulation time factor by 2.75. At this latter concentration of garlic, coagulation was only partially complete at 4 h. Garlic extract (1.4 mg dry weight/ml) reduced growth(More)
The present study examined the effect of repeated gestation and lactation on the levels of long-chain n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in rat milk fat, and examined whether such levels might be modulated by supplementing the diet of the lactating dams with either (g/kg) 50 safflower oil (SFO; containing 800 g 18:2n-6/kg), or 50 evening primrose oil (EPO;(More)
Background Ingesting a post-workout beverage containing carbohydrate and high quality protein has been shown to favorably improve body composition and exercise performance. Chocolate milk supplies both carbohydrate and high quality proteins (casein and whey). For this reason, chocolate milk has become an increasingly popular sports nutrition beverage. To(More)
Serum-starved mouse erythroleukemia cells, stationary phase cells or cells cultured in dibutyryl cAMP (1 mM) can be induced to differentiate by addition of 20% fetal calf serum plus cycloheximide. Culturing unstarved log phase cells in 20% fetal calf serum plus low levels of cycloheximide and histone H1 also causes a significant level of differentiation.(More)
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