Brittany McDonald

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Two-hundred and twenty-three Asian patients with inflammatory bowel disease were sent a questionnaire about smoking and betel nut chewing habits. The 116 responses from patients with ulcerative colitis were compared with answers from 79 healthy members of the community. Twelve per cent of male patients were currently smokers compared with 31% of healthy(More)
Conjunctival amyloidosis is an uncommon condition which usually arises secondary to chronic infection or trauma to the eye. It is rare to find significant deposits of amyloid involving the conjunctiva alone in the absence of a known antecedent infective, traumatic or hereditofamilial disorder. We report three patients with primary localised conjunctival(More)
Chemically processed, hydrogenated fats, such as margarine, have been implicated in the aetiology of inflammatory bowel disease. Toxic by-products may occur in their production or during frying and cooking. A survey of dietary oil usage was conducted among Asians in Leicester, comparing inflammatory bowel disease patients with healthy controls. Two groups(More)
Exergaming is becoming a popular recreational activity for young adults. The purpose was to compare the physiologic and psychological responses of college students playing Nintendo Wii Fit, an active video game console, vs. an equal duration of moderate-intensity brisk walking. Twenty-one healthy sedentary college-age students (mean age 23.2 ± 1.8 years)(More)
Purpose: To report the electron microscopic findings on an explanted intraocular lens in a patient with the uveitis, glaucoma, hyphaema syndrome.Methods: Scanning and transmission electron microscopy were undertaken on a coccoon of cellular material from the tip of the intraocular lens haptic.Results: Scanning electron micrographs showed densely packed(More)
The potential for infant walkers to cause injury to infants was demonstrated by the results of a survey of the practicing pediatricians in the state of Connecticut. There was a significant number of severe injuries reported. In addition, seven cases of infants hospitalized at Bridgeport Hospital because of injuries sustained while using an infant walker are(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is now the leading liver disease in North America. The progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to the inflammatory condition, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis is complex and currently not well understood. Intestinal microbial dysbiosis has been implicated in the development of non-alcoholic fatty(More)
1 Feder Jr HM, Cates KL, Cementina AM. Pott puffy tumor: a serious occult infection. Pediatrics 1987; 79: 625–629. 2 Bambakidis N, Cohen A. Intracranial complications of frontal sinusitis in children: Pott’s puffy tumor revisited. Pediatr Neurosurg 2001; 35: 82–89. 3 Gupta M, El-Hakim H, Bhargava R, Mehta V. Pott’s puffy tumour in a pre-adolescent child:(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether intraocular lenses (IOLs) in clinically noninfected eyes are coated with a significant, bacteria-containing biofilm. SETTING The Oxford Eye Hospital, Oxford, United Kingdom. METHODS Twenty-six IOLs, removed for reasons other than endophthalmitis from 26 patients attending the Oxford Eye Hospital over a 3 year period, were(More)
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