Brittany Mathias

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Determine what clinical role, if any, GM-CSF may have in the clinical treatment of sepsis in the adult patient. Advancements in the management of sepsis have led to significant decreases in early mortality; however, sepsis remains a significant source of long-term mortality and disability which places strain on healthcare resources with a substantial(More)
Metal ions have been reported to form chelate complexes with certain drug molecules especially those that contain ligand donor atoms. In this study, the in vitro availability of chloramphenicol in the presence of Pb and Cd was evaluated. These studies were carried out in simulated gastric juice (0.1M HCl) and intestinal pH (pH 9) at 37°C over period of 180(More)
'Big data' is the next frontier of medicine. We now have the ability to generate and analyze large quantities of healthcare data. Although interpreting and integrating this information into clinical practice poses many challenges, the potential benefits of personalized medicine are seemingly without limit. THE RAPID PACE of medical discovery is evident in(More)
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