Brittany K Miller

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UNLABELLED While SecA is the ATPase component of the major bacterial secretory (Sec) system, mycobacteria and some Gram-positive pathogens have a second paralog, SecA2. In bacteria with two SecA paralogs, each SecA is functionally distinct, and they cannot compensate for one another. Compared to SecA1, SecA2 exports a distinct and smaller set of substrates,(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins that are exported out of the bacterial cytoplasm are ideally positioned to be virulence factors; however, the functions of individual exported proteins remain largely unknown. Previous studies identified Rv0199 as an exported membrane protein of unknown function. Here, we characterized the role of Rv0199 in M.(More)
All bacteria utilize pathways to export proteins from the cytoplasm to the bacterial cell envelope or extracellular space. Many exported proteins function in essential physiological processes or in virulence. Consequently, the responsible protein export pathways are commonly essential and/or are important for pathogenesis. The general Sec protein export(More)
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