Brittany Holt

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the associated morbidity and patient comfort of the 'minimally invasive, no scalpel' (MINS) vasectomy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eighty-nine consecutive patients presenting for vasectomy underwent a MINS procedure. Post-operatively, the pain experienced, recovery time and complication rate were assessed using a postal questionnaire. The(More)
Five-day-old Drosophila melanogaster males, when exposed to 2-h-old males, will perform courtship rituals; the intensity and duration of this behavior rapidly diminishes with time. The ability of the older males to habituate to the attractive signals given off by the younger males is a dopaminergic-modulated experience-dependent modification of behavior(More)
Many details of the generic pathway for induction of NF-kappaB have been delineated, but it is still not clear how multiple, diverse receptor systems are able to converge on this evolutionarily conserved family of transcription factors. Recent studies have shown that the CARMA1, Bcl10, and MALT1 proteins are critical for coupling the common elements of the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to compare the outcomes of patients with pancreatic or peripancreatic walled-off necrosis by endoscopy using the conventional approach versus an algorithmic approach based on the collection size, location and stepwise response to intervention. METHODS This was an observational before-after study of consecutive patients(More)
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