Brittany Bernal

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A basic neuropsychological test battery was given to 64 adolescents (57 males and seven females; mean age = 15.5) divided in two groups: (1) drug-abusers ("experimental group," n = 26), and (2) non drug-abusers ("control group," n = 38). Psychoactive substances included marijuana, "crack," solvent inhalation, gasoline sniffing, and alcohol. The following(More)
This research was an attempt to determine the cerebral areas involved in focal epileptic seizures accompanied by psychic manifestations. Six types of partial seizures involving psychic symptomatology and phonatory seizures were included in the study. Sixty-one clinical records of focal epilepsy, which had been revealed by means of a CT-scan examination,(More)
Speech sensorimotor adaptation is the short-term learning of modified articulator movements evoked through sensory-feedback perturbations. A common experimental method manipulates acoustic parameters, such as formant frequencies, using real time resynthesis of the participant's speech to perturb auditory feedback. While some studies have examined phrases(More)
Dan Carey is a PhD student working on this project. Thanks to awards from the forward thinking platform, Dan was able to purchase a computer and travel to Maryland to attend a short-course on bioinformatics. Dan used his newly acquired skills to analyze bioinformatics data for his dissertation. He has submitted his results for publication in Environmental(More)
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