Brittany B Nelson-Cheeseman

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A comprehensive study was performed to quantify the risk of burns from hot beverage spills. The study was comprised of three parts. First, experiments were carried out to measure the cooling rates of beverages in a room-temperature environment by natural convection and thermal radiation. The experiments accounted for different beverage volumes, initial(More)
Infusion catheters, when used with balloons, are susceptible to compression of the catheter lumen. A consequence is that shear stress is increased in the fluid that passes through the lumen. When the injected fluid contains viable cells, hemolysis of the cells can result. This study investigates the effect of a new injection catheter design which is(More)
Simulations were made of the pressure and velocity fields throughout an artery before and after removal of plaque using orbital atherectomy plus adjunctive balloon angioplasty or stenting. The calculations were carried out with an unsteady computational fluid dynamic solver that allows the fluid to naturally transition to turbulence. The results of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Numerical simulation and animal experiments quantified tissue temperatures during the transcutaneous recharge of neuromodulation implants. The temperature results were used to determine the likelihood of tissue injury in humans. MATERIALS AND METHODS Experiments were completed using sheep with implants at different depths ranging from 0.7 to(More)
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