Brittany A. Young

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The ability of an animal to cope with new environments arises from its capacity to respond to environmental variables and maintain body equilibrium (homeostasis). Each compensating mechanism depends on, and is a part of, a physiological feedback process. The severity (intensity and duration) of an environmental change relative to the animal's capacity to(More)
We have previously reported that intratumoral injection of VRX-007--an Ad5 (a species C adenovirus)-based vector overexpressing adenovirus death protein--can suppress the growth of subcutaneous HaK (hamster renal cancer) tumors. VRX-007 replication and tumor growth inhibition are enhanced when the hamsters are immunosuppressed by a high dose of(More)
We report that radiation enhances the antitumor efficacy of the oncolytic adenovirus vector VRX-007 in Syrian hamster tumors. We used tumor-specific irradiation of subcutaneous tumors and compared treatment options of radiation alone or combined with VRX-007 and cyclophosphamide (CP). Radiation therapy further augmented the VRX-007-mediated inhibition of(More)
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