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A coupled system of two isothermal in vitro DNA/RNA amplification reactions using different primers is modeled kinetically with realistic rate parameters and shown to exhibit oscillatory behavior in a flow reactor. One of the two isothermal amplification reactions acts as a predator of the other, the prey. The mechanism of the oscillatory behavior is(More)
BACKGROUND A novel approach to the study of in vitro evolution is provided by the investigation of continuous, functionally coupled, amplifying systems. To date, in vitro evolution experiments have focused on issues of mutation and selection. Our work contributes to the new field of in vitro molecular ecology studies in which detailed information about the(More)
TNFα has been implicated in the pathogenesis of various inflammatory diseases. Different strategies to inhibit TNFα in patients with sepsis and chronic inflammatory conditions have shown contrasting outcomes. Although TNFα inhibitors are widely used in clinical practice, the impact of TNFα antagonism on white blood cell gene expression profiles during acute(More)
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