Britta Weinhausen

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Hair cell stereocilia are crucial for hearing and the sense of balance. They include an array of accurately packed, parallel actin filaments and act as levers, which transform mechanical deformation into neuronal signals. The length of vestibular stereocilia reaches several micrometers, whereas, for individual microfilaments, the diameter and therefore the(More)
High-resolution structural information was obtained from lysozyme microcrystals (20 µm in the largest dimension) using raster-scanning serial protein crystallography on micro- and nano-focused beamlines at the ESRF. Data were collected at room temperature (RT) from crystals sandwiched between two silicon nitride wafers, thereby preventing their drying,(More)
Studying membrane active peptides or protein fragments within the lipid bilayer environment is particularly challenging in the case of synthetically modified, labeled, artificial, or recently discovered native structures. For such samples the localization and orientation of the molecular species or probe within the lipid bilayer environment is the focus of(More)
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