Britta Sohlman

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No comprehensive study has yet been made of mortality among psychiatric patients in Finland. According to studies conducted in other parts of the world, the mortality rates of psychiatric patients are higher than those of the general population. The study population here consisted of all patients discharged from psychiatric hospitals during the year 1988 (n(More)
OBJECTIVE This study analyzed trends in suicides occurring after a psychiatric hospitalization during more than a decade of significant structural changes in mental health services in Finland-that is, deinstitutionalization, downsizing of inpatient care, and decentralization. METHODS Retrospective register data on completed suicides and psychiatric(More)
BACKGROUND Few epidemiological studies have focused on the occurrence of positive mental health, and those comparing several countries practically non-existent. This study presents comparative findings of positive mental health in 11 EU countries or regions, based on the Eurobarometer 2002 (autumn) survey. METHOD The sample (n = 10,878) represents the(More)
BACKGROUND According to studies depression and depressive symptoms are more prevalent in females than in males. It is possible, however, that instruments meant to measure depressiveness are gender-biased. METHOD This was studied by comparing two screening instruments (the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the Depression Scale (DEPS) within the same(More)
In contrast to the huge number of prevalence studies, there are relatively few incidence studies of depressive disorders. Furthermore, estimates of incidence vary remarkably between existing studies. The aim of this paper is to add knowledge about the incidence and determinants of depressive disorder, based on the Finnish sub-sample of the European Outcomes(More)
We followed the prescription of psychotropic drugs by primary health care physicians over a 3-year period. The material consisted of 1000 randomly selected adult primary health care patients. At least one psychotropic drug was prescribed to one third (n = 307) of the sample during the follow-up period. The most commonly used drug category was that of(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies show conflicting results on the role of weak sense of coherence (SOC) as a risk factor for depression. AIMS The aim of this work was to study whether a weak SOC predicts depressive symptoms in a non-depressive population sample in the short or long perspective. METHOD Participants without depressive symptoms (n = 1645) in the(More)
Although many studies have been published about the relationship between alexithymia and different somatic diseases, little is known about the occurrence of alexithymia in primary health care patients. The aim of the present study was to shed light on this problem. The study forms part of a larger project dealing with psychiatric morbidity in primary health(More)
BACKGROUND The characteristics of victims of immediate post-discharge suicides are not well known. We explored these characteristics for the purposes of better recognition and preventive efforts of potential immediate post-discharge suicides. METHODS Suicides from a Finnish nationwide register were linked with preceding periods of psychiatric inpatient(More)
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