Britta C. Martel

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  • P D C King, T D Veal, A Schleife, J Zúñiga-Pérez, B Martel, P H Jefferson +4 others
  • 2009
The valence-band density of states of single-crystalline rock-salt CdO͑001͒, wurtzite c-plane ZnO, and rock-salt MgO͑001͒ are investigated by high-resolution x-ray photoemission spectroscopy. A classic two-peak structure is observed in the VB-DOS due to the anion 2p-dominated valence bands. Good agreement is found between the experimental results and(More)
To investigate differences in expression of surface markers, cytokine profiles, and presence of CD4+CD8+ T cells in skin-derived T cell cultures from patients with extrinsic atopic dermatitis (AD), intrinsic AD, and psoriasis expanded in the presence of IL-2 and IL-4. Skin biopsies from patients with extrinsic AD (n = 6), intrinsic AD (n = 9) and psoriasis(More)
Brainstem networks generating the respiratory rhythm in lampreys are still not fully characterized. In this study, we described the patterns of respiratory activities and we identified the general location of underlying neural networks. In a semi-intact preparation including the brain and gills, rhythmic discharges were recorded bilaterally with surface(More)
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