Britta Bockholdt

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The capability of conventional air gun lead pellets (diabolo pellets) to cause severe injuries or fatalities even at low kinetic energy levels is well documented in medical literature. Modern composite hunting pellets, usually a metal core (made of steel, lead, zinc, or a zinc and aluminum alloy) encased in a plastic sleeve, are of special forensic and(More)
INTRODUCTION Cal. 9 mm x 17 mm industrial blank cartridges deserve special interest in the field of forensic ballistic. This calibre is most often used in Kerner-type livestock stunners, but also in different power tools. The legal framework of these industrial blank cartridges is provided by the C.I.P. and DIN 7260 regulations. The aim of this(More)
INTRODUCTION Vole captive bolt devices are powder actuated spring guns that are used as a pest control mean. After having triggered the explosion of the blank cartridge by touching a metal ring around the muzzle, the vole is killed by the massive propulsion of the gas jet. Improper use and recklessness while handling these devices may cause severe injuries(More)
Although potato cannons are an area of great interest among internet users, they are almost completely unknown in the medical community. These simple ballistic devices are made from plastic plumbing pipes and are powered with propellant gas from aerosol cans. By combustion of the gas-oxygen mixture, a high pressure is produced which propels the potato(More)
Hemorrhages of the tongue can be useful for the diagnosis in cases of lethal neck compression. The reported frequencies of tongue bleedings in the literature in cases of suicidal hanging range from 0 to 14% and in homicidal strangulation (str.) from 5 to 37%. This study gives a summary of the incidence and intensity of tongue bleedings in cases of homicidal(More)
BACKGROUND Blunt ballistic impact trauma is a current research topic due to the widespread use of kinetic energy munitions in law enforcement. In the civilian setting, an automatic dummy launcher has recently been identified as source of blunt impact trauma. However, there is no data on the injury risk of conventional dummy launchers. It is the aim of this(More)
Recently, an increasing number of an uncommon weapon type based on a caliber 6-mm Flobert blank cartridge actuated revolver which discharges 10-mm-diameter rubber ball projectiles has been confiscated by police authorities following criminal offenses. A recent trauma case presenting with a penetrating chest injury occasioned an investigation into the basic(More)
A statistical investigation of causes of death of children in Berlin, as well as in the rest of Germany shows, that 'accidents' are the most frequent causes of death in children. Nearly 50% of all child fatalities (0-15 years old) are due to traffic accidents. The reports of 30 children (19 boys, 11 girls) that were investigated in one of the three(More)
Suicides by ligature strangulation are rare events. In Berlin (3.5 million inhabitants; ca. 500 suicides per year) approximately one case per year occurs. Here, we present the main findings of 19 cases investigated between 1978 and 1998, compared to 47 cases of homicidal ligature strangulation. Two of the 19 suicidal victims had single fractures of the(More)
BACKGROUND During hand antisepsis, health care workers (HCWs) are exposed to alcohol by dermal contact and by inhalation. Concerns have been raised that high alcohol absorptions may adversely affect HCWs, particularly certain vulnerable individuals such as pregnant women or individuals with genetic deficiencies of aldehyde dehydrogenase. METHODS We(More)