Britt Lassiter

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The plasmon resonances of a concentric metallic nanoshell arise from the hybridization of primitive plasmon modes of the same angular momentum on its inner and outer surfaces. For a nanoshell with an offset core, the reduction in symmetry relaxes these selection rules, allowing for an admixture of dipolar components in all plasmon modes of the particle.(More)
Two commercial egg-type strains were beak-trimmed at 10, 10 and 63, or 10 and 84 d. There were no interactions between strain and beak trimming treatment. Pullet feed consumption was significantly reduced within the 14-d period following beak trimming at 63 or 84 d. Total pullet feed consumption (1 to 126 d) was significantly lower among birds trimmed twice(More)
Optical Properties of Strongly Coupled Plasmon-Exciton Hybrid Nanostructures by Nche Tumasang Fofang Strongly coupled plasmon-exciton hybrid nanostructures are fabricated and their optical properties are studied. The plasmonic and excitonic systems are gold nanoshells and J-aggregates, respectively. Gold nanoshells are tunable plasmonic core-shell(More)
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