Brita Bjerregaard

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PURPOSE AND PATIENTS During the period from January 1990 to January 1996 a total of 953 patients with lymph node negative primary breast cancer were randomised to oral pamidronate (n=460) 150 mg twice daily for 4 years or no adjuvant pamidronate (n=493) in order to investigate whether oral pamidronate can prevent the occurrence of bone metastases and(More)
Until recently, fluorouracil (F) and leucovorin (L) had been considered the standard therapy for patients with colorectal cancer. However, several studies have shown that oral therapy with UFT/L or capecitabine is as effective as intravenous (i.v.) therapy and in addition it is claimed that patients prefer oral to i.v. therapy as long as efficacy is not(More)
In a prospective trial comprising 202 patients operated on because of suspicion of acute appendicitis, the diagnostic accuracy was 70 percent based on histologic examination of all removed appendices. The diagnostic accuracy was lowest in women less than 50 years old and in young patients (aged 20 years or less), being about 60 percent in both of these(More)
During approximately 2 years 106 clinical and routine laboratory parameters were obtained from each of 500 jaundiced patients consecutively admitted to the surgical and medical departments in a hospital covering a third of the hospital admissions in the city of Copenhagen. The patients were classified mainly by morphological criteria (397 patients) or the(More)
During 1981-85, 1084 cases of benign breast lesions were seen at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya. In the same period, 417 cases of breast carcinoma were diagnosed. Amongst the benign lesions fibroadenoma was the most common diagnosis (531 cases) followed by mastopathy (177 cases). The incidence rate of fibroadenoma was 1.6 per 100,000(More)
We present a case of Mazabraud's syndrome, a rare benign disease, with multiple intramuscular myxomas of the thoracic wall associated with fibrous dysplasia of bone. CT, MR imaging and ultrasonography (US) of the thorax showed 2 well circumscribed homogeneous intramuscular tumors. A US-guided needle biopsy with a large-core needle (2.0 mm) and a fine needle(More)
In order to evaluate the association between cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) at the cellular level, four classic KS, five endemic (African) KS and 55 epidemic KS from 12 patients with AIDS were analyzed by in situ hybridization with a biotinylated specific CMV-DNA probe. CMV-DNA was sparsely demonstrated in the sarcomas in 10 of(More)
BACKGROUND Chronotherapy is one of the several approaches to increase efficacy and reduce toxicity of chemotherapy. In a phase II study in the second-line in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC), we found that chronomodulated XELOX (XELOX(30Chron)) was a well-tolerated regimen with potentially reduced toxicity. PATIENTS AND METHODS One(More)