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A standardized test was developed to evaluate posture, movement, gait, sitting posture, and respiration of patients with psychosomatic disorders, based on the Mensendieck principles of observation and analysis of motor function. To validate the test and to make a comprehensive body examination of a defined group of patients, it was applied in a study of(More)
[1] The most energetic planetary collisions attain shock pressures that result in abundant melting and vaporization. Accurate predictions of the extent of melting and vaporization require knowledge of vast regions of the phase diagrams of the constituent materials. To reach the liquid-vapor phase boundary of silica, we conducted uniaxial shock-and-release(More)
Table S.1 Summary of variables and annotations in the Auxiliary Materials. Table S.2 Transition enthalpies for quartz to fused quartz and stishovite. Table S.3 Kieffer model parameters for stishovite. Table S.4 Grüneisen parameter estimates for silica liquid. Table S.5 Revised liquid–vapor curve for silica.
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