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α-Glucosidase Inhibitors from Malbranchea flavorosea.
From an extract prepared from the grain-based culture of Malbranchea flavorosea two new polyketides, namely, 8-chloroxylarinol A (1) and flavoroseoside (2), along with the known compounds xylarinol AExpand
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Spectrophotometric quantification of the thermodynamic constants of the complexes formed by dopamine and Cu(II) in aqueous media.
The thermodynamic constants of the complex Cu(II)-dopamine in aqueous solution were evaluated from spectrophotometric data using the software SQUAD. It was found that there exist Cu(II):DA complexesExpand
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CCDC 1501990: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination
Related Article: Brisa Verastegui-Omana, Daniela Rebollar-Ramos, Araceli Perez-Vasquez, Ana Laura Martinez, Abraham Madariaga-Mazon, Laura Flores-Bocanegra, RachelExpand