Brilliana von Katterfeld

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BACKGROUND Despite Western Australia (WA) having the highest proportion of overseas-born residents of any Australian state, no previous study has examined the general patterns of obstetric health of foreign-born women in WA. AIMS To examine the obstetric profiles of foreign-born women in WA using routinely collected perinatal data. METHODS The records(More)
There is increasing evidence that titanium ions are released from orthopedic implants by biocorrosion. The aim of this study was to investigate titanium uptake by human T-lymphocytes and its effects on phenotype and proliferation. Freshly isolated human nonadherent peripheral blood mononuclear cells (NA-PBMC), were exposed to TiCl4 [Ti(IV)]. Bioavailability(More)
AIMS To compare maternal and neonatal outcomes for Australian-born women with gestational diabetes mellitus with those of culturally and linguistically diverse and non-culturally and linguistically diverse foreign-born women with gestational diabetes. METHODS A total of 205,616 singleton births in Western Australia between 1998 and 2006 were examined(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether common perinatal complications could explain variation in risk of cesarean among foreign-born and Australian-born women in Western Australia (WA). METHODS Complication prevalence was calculated using the linked records of 208 982 confinements to non-indigenous women in WA between 1998 and 2006. Logistic regression was used(More)
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