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Optimal reactive power dispatch is one of most important task in the today's power system operation. This paper present optimal reactive power dispatch with the help of differential evolution algorithm. The optimal reactive power dispatch is a non linear constraints multi objective optimization problem where the real power loss, voltage deviation and fuel(More)
The novel and robust seeded region grow segmentation technique is implemented for spot detection in Computerized Tomography scan image. Segmentation of scanned medical image is quite difficult task due to presence of speckle noise. The grey scale image is segmented into regions, with each region having closest seed correlation. The algorithm is rapid, free(More)
Image segmentation plays an important role in the medical imaging. Image segmentation is the process to divide the image in the different region which has similar attributes. In this paper we proposed marker controlled watershed segmentation algorithm which works on gradient magnitude and use linear operation. The Linear convolution based image(More)
The increasing influence of segmentation in medical image processing requires great need to develop robust image segmentation method to eliminate the problem of traditional methods. Fuzzy c-means (FCM) is an effective fuzzy clustering technique for medical image segmentation but FCM is noise-sensitive and time consuming with large set of medical images. A(More)
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