Brijesh Kumar

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It is necessary to use Student dataset in order to analyze student's performance for future improvements in study methods and overall curricular. Incremental learning methods are becoming popular nowadays since amount of data and information is rising day by day. There is need to update classifier in order to scale up learning to manage more training(More)
Wireless sensor network is defined as the network composed of tiny and energy restricted sensor nodes. Sensor nodes collect the useful information from surrounding environment and deliver it to the base station. Sensor nodes have limited energy. Routing protocols must consume minimum energy in order to prolong the network lifetime. Clustering is most energy(More)
The controller area network is widely used in automobile electronics networking and for low cost embedded systems. Nondeterministic response time have restricted the wider use of CAN in safety critical real time system applications, since the CAN protocol uses “non return to zero” (NRZ) coding and includes automatic bit stuffing mechanism for(More)
An energy efficient routing protocol named Hybrid TB-LEACH Energy Based Multihop Protocol is proposed. The proposed protocol selects sensor nodes having higher residual energy as Cluster Heads which communicate with the base station by the means of minimum spanning tree. It has reduced energy consumed by sensor nodes. In this paper, performance of proposed(More)
As Sensor networks are being used in remote environment monitoring, healthcare, machine automation, security of these networks is becoming a central concern. Till now main concern was to make sensor networks useful and deployable and little emphasis was placed on security. This paper analyses security issues and vulnerabilities in wireless sensor networks.(More)
— Alamouti code is a simple space-time code that can be used for transmit diversity systems. This is a class of easily decoded space-time codes that achieve full diversity order in Rayleigh fading channels. Alamouti code exist only for certain numbers of transmit antennas and do not provide array gain like diversity techniques that exploit transmit channel(More)
In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of WCDMA Rake receiver using VHDL. 3G generation mobile communication is advanced and emerging technology in the field of wireless communication. Third generation Communication has advanced facilities like multimedia accessing, internet service and higher capacity of data rates [1]. The Rake receiver(More)
The major concern of Space Time Code (STC) scheme (which include space-time block codes (STBC), space-time trellis codes (STTC)) is the exploitation of multipath effects in order to achieve high spectral efficiencies and performance gains. Spatial modulation (SM) is a low complexity modulation scheme which is recently proposed for multiple antenna wireless(More)