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Network routing protocols work in a vulnerable environment. Unless protected by appropriate security measures, their operation can be easily subverted by intruders capable of modifying, deleting or adding false information in routing updates. This paper first analyses threats to the secure operation of inter-domain routing protocols, and then proposes(More)
Insect odorant receptors function as heteromeric odorant-gated cation channels comprising a conventional odorant-sensitive tuning receptor, and a conserved co-receptor (Orco). An Orco agonist, VUAA1, is able to activate both heteromeric and homomeric Orco-containing channels. Very little is known about specific residues in Orco that contribute to cation(More)
BACKGROUND Choroid plexus tumors are intraventricular tumors derived from choroid plexus epithelium. AIM To study the choroid plexus tumors with reference to their clinical, radiological, and pathological features. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was performed by the retrospectively reviewing the clinical, radiological, and pathological records of(More)
BACKGROUND The development of liposuction and abdominoplasty has renewed interest in the anatomy of the localized fat deposits (LFD) areas of the abdomen. This study aims at ascertaining the gross anatomy of superficial fascia and the localized fat deposits of abdomen. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight adult cadavers (four males and four females) were(More)
Direct current (DC) piezoelectric power generator is promising for the miniaturization of a power package and self-powering of nanorobots and body-implanted devices. Hence, we report the first use of two-dimensional (2D) zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure and an anionic nanoclay layer to generate piezoelectric DC output power. The device, made from 2D(More)
Ulmus wallichiana is an endangered and folk medicinal plant used for healing fractures in India. Recently, the secondary metabolites isolated and identified from its bark revealed osteogenic activity. Considering the medicinal properties of its bark and the source for its identified and isolated metabolites, the requirement for production of alternative(More)
Differentiated tissues may be considered as materials with distinct properties. The differentiation program of a given tissue ensures that it acquires material properties commensurate with its function. It may be hypothesized that some of these properties are acquired through production of tissue-specific metabolites synthesized by metabolic enzymes. To(More)
Medicinal properties of Butea monosperma (BM) and overexploitation of bark as a rich source of flavonoids for different biological activities, development of efficient method for high frequency somatic embryos and in vitro synthesis of bioactive secondary metabolites using plant tissue culture technology is important. Initially, callus was induced from leaf(More)