Brijesh Kumar

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Network routing protocols work in a vulnerable environment. Unless protected by appropriate security measures, their operation can be easily subverted by intruders capable of modifying, deleting or adding false information in routing updates. This paper first analyses threats to the secure operation of inter-domain routing protocols, and then proposes(More)
BACKGROUND The development of liposuction and abdominoplasty has renewed interest in the anatomy of the localized fat deposits (LFD) areas of the abdomen. This study aims at ascertaining the gross anatomy of superficial fascia and the localized fat deposits of abdomen. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight adult cadavers (four males and four females) were(More)
Due to increasing crime rate identification using biometrics has become an important field of research. When it is not possible to take snapshot, to read iris, to take finger prints etc then identification using gait may be proved an effective tool to identify a person. This paper presents a method which distinguishs between normal and abnormal gait. A(More)
Long term exposure to solvents and air pollutants can lead to deleterious effects on respiratory, haematological and thyroid functioning. The aim of this study was to investigate whether chronic exposure to solvents like benzene and pollutants like carbon monoxide in petrol filling workers had adverse effect on blood parameters, thyroid and respiratory(More)
Wireless sensor network is defined as the network composed of tiny and energy restricted sensor nodes. Sensor nodes collect the useful information from surrounding environment and deliver it to the base station. Sensor nodes have limited energy. Routing protocols must consume minimum energy in order to prolong the network lifetime. Clustering is most energy(More)
This paper presents massive analytical analysis of Bottom Gate Top Contact (BGTC) and Bottom Gate Bottom Contact (BGBC) structures of Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs). It is preferable to have compact dc models that can be used in simulations to forecast and optimize performance of organic material based devices and circuits. Since a unified compact(More)
FOREWORD PREFACE Information Technology is a very important tool in the development of any society and has become the driving force in growth of economies worldwide. It has been found across the globe that Information Technology has resulted in providing a fast growth path for developing economies. E-governance Initiatives have resulted in improving core(More)